The New Technological Revolution Presentation at the Technology Frontiers Forum of The Economist

Why IT and the green economy are the real answer to the financial crisis. Green Alliance.

Reforming finance for a new era economy. Institute for Public Policy Research.

Fight Of The Titans: in debate about the high prices being paid for the technology start-ups The European Magazine.

Why government must boost the information economy, Interview by Kathleen Hall in Computer Weekly,

A conversation with Fred Wilson and Carlota Perez, in the O'Reilly Media Web 2.0 Expo New York.

How universal internet access can lead us to sustainable global growth, in the FTTH Council of Europe 2011 Conference, Milan.

"A better understanding of the new challenges is needed". Interview by Eulalia Furriol, Barcelona, Paradigmes, Issue No. 4, June 2010

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