The New Technological Revolution Presentation at the Technology Frontiers Forum of The Economist

Why IT and the green economy are the real answer to the financial crisis. Green Alliance.

Reforming finance for a new era economy. Institute for Public Policy Research.

Fight Of The Titans: in debate about the high prices being paid for the technology start-ups The European Magazine.

The Advance of Technology and Major Bubble Collapses: Historical Regularities and Lessons for Today. Engelsberg Seminar on “The future of capitalism Ax:son Foundation", Sweden.

After the Crisis: Creative Construction Growth alter the Meltdown: "How to make the economic crisis creative” Open Democracy.

Respecialize to lift all boats: A primer on the global redistribution of market segments. CISCO Thought leaders.

The lessons we have learned about technology and development. Oral presentation at the UNCTAD X First High-Level Round Table Trade and Development: Directions for the Twenty-First Century, Bangkok.


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"Perez provides a fresh analysis of technological, financial and social booms and busts in an engaging and refreshing way. The book weaves a compelling new fabric of observation and theory ...

By Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, find more...


"I tremendously enjoyed reading this book both because of the topic that Carlota Perez investigates, and because of the way the investigation is carried out."

By Bertrand M. Roehner, University of Paris, find more...

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October 2010. Building a sustainable global golden age for overcoming the crisis Presentation at the Human Habitat 2010 Lecture Series, Lisbon.
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