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“Het nieuwe gouden tijdpperk zal groen zijn” (The next golden age will be green) Interview by Maarten Keulemans in De Volkskrant, Netherlands, August 3, 2013, pp. 20-21 2010-05-01

Virtuous or vicious cycle? Thanks to the tremendous advances in technology in recent decades, the world can enter a new era of prosperity. But it risks missing that opportunity if the financial system is not regulated. Interview by Edson Porto for the Brazilian magazine Época Negócios 2010-05-01

Dann kommt die Goldene Zeit Blasen gehören zur Standardausstattung des Kapitalismus. (After the Crash: Then comes the golden age). Speculation mania is unavoidable in capitalism, argues economics of innovation expert Carlota Perez. Although many people lose their money, booms still help economic growth. Interview by Thomas Fischermann for the German newspaper ZEIT. 2009-08-01

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"Perez provides a fresh analysis of technological, financial and social booms and busts in an engaging and refreshing way. The book weaves a compelling new fabric of observation and theory ...

By Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, find more...


"I tremendously enjoyed reading this book both because of the topic that Carlota Perez investigates, and because of the way the investigation is carried out."

By Bertrand M. Roehner, University of Paris, find more...

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October 2010. Building a sustainable global golden age for overcoming the crisis Presentation at the Human Habitat 2010 Lecture Series, Lisbon.
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