The direction of innovation after the financial collapse. ICT for green growth and global development. 9TH Triple Helix Conference, Stanford. youtube

Asks what next for finance, after the crash? interview at the IPPR Institute for Public Policy Research youtube

Full Globalisation As A Positive-Sum Game: Green Demand As An Answer To The Crisis to The Financial Crisis, lecture series in honor of Ralph Miliband, London School of Economics. youtube

Golden Age or another crisis? Video in Ericsson 2020 Shaping Ideas youtube

Ser sensible a les noves demandes vitalitza el creixement, ACC1Ó-OME Catalan Agency for Competitiveness. Forum 2009 youtube

Carlota Perez: Investing in emerging markets: big market for advanced countries youtube

Carlota Perez: Revolutionary resources getting cheap: data youtube

Carlota Perez: From inside modernization focus to outside demand focus youtube

Carlota Perez: Triple Helix: government, university and business interacting youtube

Carlota Perez: 4. Small Knowledge-Intensive Enterprises: crucial for competitiveness of countries youtube

Carlota Perez: In the midst of ICT revolution: next revolution 30 years out youtube

Carlota Perez: Role of state in fufure direction: demand volume and direction youtube

Other videos

Carlota Perez: Great surges of development vs long waves (Kondratieff and Schumpeter) url

Modernising government to shape a better future. Open Government Pre-Conference, Ghent, Belgium. url

Asks what next for finance, after the crash? interview at the IPPR Institute for Public Policy Research url

Building a sustainable global golden age for overcoming the crisis Presentation at the Human Habitat 2010 Lecture Series, Lisbon. url

ICT and the direction of innovation after the financial crisis: Looking at the future with the aid of history at Broadband Summit APDC (Portuguese Association for the Development of Communications) url

Growth after the financial crisis, Presentation at the Institute for Public Policy Research, Series of Seminars on Tomorrow's Capitalism url

ICT and GREEN A NATURAL PARTNERSHIP TO NURTURE. Shaping a sustainable globalization and redesigning the 'good life life'. Cisco Amsterdam, CUD Global Conference (Connected Urban Development Conference). url

TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE GLOBAL GOLDEN AGE Reshaping Globalization and redesigning well being. CUD Global Conference (Connected Urban Development Conference) 2008 City and Country of San Francisco and Cisco Systems url

Technological Revolutions. Installation and Deployment of New Technologies. Interview by Roger Farnsworth of CISCO Senior Manager Executive Thought Leadership url

Lecture in IBM Business Leadership Forum url

THE DRIVING FORCES THE OF WEALTH CREATION Technological change and windows of opportunity for innovation. Presentation at the Norwegian Institute for Strategic Studies (NORISS) url

Technological Revolutions and Techno-economic Paradigms as Framework for Designing Industrial Policy. Conference at the event "How are ICT and Biotechnology related? Policy implications for Estonia". Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs url

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